A software testing approach which compares the expected outcome with actual one. Well, it’s not just like that. Here at Bug Hunters we focus on building the framework which is easy to maintain, execution on different environments, easy to set up and scalable. The framework is built in such a way that any non- technical contributor in team can use and modify the tests as per his needs. Lastly, our customized reports, for test automation results, are easy to understand and thus, easy to find bugs by looking at reports itself.

Test Automation Services

Test Automation Approach

For larger projects, 5000+ test cases, there will be a need of enhancing the framework throughout the automation journey until we achieve 100% code coverage and a reliable suite that find bugs on its own in the system

Our Test Automation Framework

We offers a platform independent test automation solution for multifaceted business processes. Being a leading automation testing company, our comprehensive automation framework is embedded with top-notch commercial and open-source tools backed with third party integrations and custom reporting.

Benefits of Automation Testing

Tools we use




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